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17th Feb 2011Posted in: Feature On Home Page, News Comments Off on IMMSS BPA Awarded to Haworth, Innerspaice to Manage
IMMSS BPA Awarded to Haworth, Innerspaice to Manage

The Integrated Modular Medical Support System (or IMMSS) is designated to support the Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) facilities worldwide. This program allows the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers – Huntsville Center to process delivery orders for IMMSS products, design, installation and related services through a streamlined and efficient process using a negotiated contract between the Huntsville Center and Haworth.

The program purchases and installs IMMSS systems for Army hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, veterinary clinics, administrative and other medical facilities. Other services include design, reconfiguration and restoration of existing systems, maintenance, clinical analysis, fabric panel replacement, inventory and product orientation training. In FY 2009, 323 new orders were awarded, valued at $24.6 million, for more than 80 different facilities in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Korea and Iraq. The program directly supported medical facilities that treat wounded returning Soldiers from Overseas Contingency Operations, Warrior-in-Transition units at eleven different Army bases; and Army hospitals and clinics throughout the world that serve American Soldiers, dependents and retirees. In support of Army BRAC medical facility missions in FY 2010-14, the program will expand to include larger IMMSS systems furniture requirements and non-IMMSS “loose” furniture requirements for Army medical facilities.

Innerspaice was instrumental in Haworths acquisition of this Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) and will subsequently be the managing dealer for all projects world wide.  We will manage ordering and coordinate the installations of all projects awarded through the global Haworth Dealer network.  For more information, and access to the IMMSS Website, please contact Jim Vaughn at jvaughn@innerspaice.com.

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