Going green.

It’s not a fad or a buzzword. Green initiatives are here to stay. Moreover, they’re being readily adopted in businesses across the country that recognize the value of sustainable practices.

Innerspaice Architectural Interiors is committed to environmental responsibility with products and solutions that support those initiatives. Modular products can be reconfigured as your needs change, reducing waste going to landfills. Raised flooring allows air to circulate under the floor, dramatically improving indoor air quality. Energy efficient technologies reduce operating costs. Innerspaice focuses on reducing pollution, waste and consumption while increasing productivity and employee comfort.

No matter where your next move takes you, our workspace solutions will maximize your ability to change and minimize negative impact on the environment.

Haworth Organic Workspace

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LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the nationally accepted benchmark rating system of the U.S. Green Building Council for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.

Innerspaice has LEED® AP Certified Professionals on staff that can assist clients in developing their own sustainability programs or contribute to your existing LEED project and strategies.

USGreenBuildingCouncil | USGC/LEED