The Process

As a leader in the collaborative design of organic workspaces, what can you expect from Innerspaice?

+ We Listen

Our strategy starts by working closely with our clients to clearly define goals and understand the connections between space and behavior. Clients often say we ask the questions no one else does. As a full service provider, it is our responsibility to make you aware of how any change can affect employee retention, personality, and productivity. By bringing together our vast workplace knowledge and combining it with our global capabilities, Innerspaice creates high-performance environments that support truly successful organizations.

+ Distinct Design

Your interior space is an important investment in your people, productivity and image. In fact, design affects every aspect of your company. Every Innerspaice team has Design Consultants to assist you or your architectural and design professionals to create a design and together, create inspiring workspaces that work harder for you.

+ A Commitment to Sustainable, Adaptable Solutions

Haworth, and many other manufacturers we represent, believe in life cycle thinking—creating individual product solutions that encompass Design for the Environment (DfE) strategies. We provide modular products that can be used again and again, minimizing impact on the environment. The result is interiors that flex and change with an organization and extend the life cycle of the workspace, in alignment with our customers’ business goals.
We can propose adaptable and sustainable products that can contribute to your LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project and strategies. We also have LEED AP certified professionals on staff if your mission is to achieve certification.

+ Streamlined Project Implementation

Innerspaice creates a team specific to your company’s project in order to streamline the process and take the burden off of you. Our team which consists of:

  • Sales or Account Executive – Assists with product solutions
  • Design Consultant – Maintains the design intent throughout your facility
  • Project Manager/Customer Service Representative – Facilitates ordering, shipping and turn key installation
  • Innerspaice Partner – By involving one of the owners of Innerspaice in your project, we can expedite decisions and leverage our strength directly to manufacturers to ensure an on time and complete project.

These services are provided at no additional cost. It’s how we differentiate ourselves and ensure your satisfaction. Our job is to make you look good and overlap your other service providers to ensure a seamless result.