As a full-service provider, we’ll assist and guide you in every aspect of the process. From project management to installation, we’ll ensure the successful completion of your project. Even when the project is complete, you’ll continue to get the benefit of our expertise as your business needs evolve.

+ Programming

Before we begin any planning, we determine the needs of the group and of each individual user in any given environment. These requirements could include ergonomics, filing and storage, privacy, lighting, power, data, air flow, surface area and more.

+ Space Planning and Design

A successful project starts with a detailed plan. Our design team will work with you and your design team to ensure the realization of your vision while creating the best overall solution for your business today and in the future.

+ Inventory Analysis

The flexibility of our architectural and modular products allows customers to reconfigure their environment due to growth or change. For this process, we manage the inventory of parts both in use and in storage to minimize the cost of the next change, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

+ Technical Planning

Innerspaice has the technical resources to help you envision your new space. We can provide you with photo realistic and 3D drawings to preview your proposed design before you place your order, minimizing delays and costly changes down the road.

+ Project Management

All Innerspaice projects are managed by a Project Manager or Customer Service Representative supported by a designated team. Together, they ensure every detail is addressed and correctly communicated to you throughout the project.

+ Asset Management

We work with you to streamline what assets are retained and what items to sell, donate or recycle. This approach minimizes cost and maximizes efficiency.

+ Installation

Our experienced and certified installation team can handle any size project efficiently, on schedule and with as little employee downtime as possible. We often work on weekends to minimize disruption of work flow.

+ Relocation/Reconfiguration

Office relocations can be one of the most daunting tasks undertaken by a company. Our expertise in dealing with relocation projects will assist you with the planning process to minimize stress and work loss, and create a successful move.
Innerspaice can also help you reconfigure your current space to create an environment that can accommodate the changing requirements of your staff, while ensuring optimum performance and return on investment.

+ Repair/Refurbish

Whatever the repair situation, Innerspaice can supply a quick response and professional on-site repair and replacement service for your office furnishings.
If refurbishing is what you need, we can help with everything from cleaning to reupholstering to renew your existing furnishings for years of future use.

+ Global Services

We have leverage with our manufacturer partners that most dealers only dream of, plus the infrastructure to manage any type of project, anywhere on the planet.

+ Leasing

Through Innerspaice, you can lease the furnishings we provide as well as equipment such as phone systems and computers provided by other vendors. It can all be rolled into one lease through our leasing partners. The advantages of leasing include conservation of cash, increased tax benefits and small monthly payments rather than a large capital expenditure.